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Flying with Hendrix Jets provides you the ultimate luxury and peace of mind.

Now more than ever, private aviation is transforming into an indispensable option to travel domestically and overseas, thanks to the increased privacy and safety it can provide. Hendrix Jets is committed to bringing comfort and peace of mind on all our charter jet flights by giving you a one-of-a-kind experience in luxury and white-glove service. Flying private gives you the chance to enjoy your vacation or business trip on your own terms, free of distractions and with a dedicated staff ready to cater to your every need. You can expect that and more from Hendrix Jets. We want to be the private aviation charter company trusted with the task of taking you safely and with maximum comfort to your next destination.

Hendrix Jets is second to none when it comes to aircraft accommodations. We offer an expansive fleet that includes the Turbo Prop and light jets, midsize and super-mid jets, as well as large-cabin jets to service groups of all sizes and to fly to different destinations around the globe.

To elaborate on what makes us a trusted charter company in the skies, we must highlight our exceptional service. We pride ourselves on the rare flexibility we can offer our clients. We provide one-time charter jet flights or the option to sign up for our membership and get access to our elite private jet services for on-demand flying all year round.

With Hendrix Jets, you forget about air travel stressors that are common in commercial flying. Our crew is dedicated to you, with no delays and available at all times to fulfill your requests. There is no need to rush or to worry about missing your charter jet flight. We are always on standby, ready to punctually arrive at your location and take you to your desired destination, saving you time and energy, and promising to give you a luxurious flying experience like none other you’ve ever experienced.

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